Order Management for Suppliers

Streamline order management by allowing distributors to self-service their orders in the distributor portal.

Improve Internal & External Communication

BrewOptix is an online ordering portal designed to let distributors place their orders and reduces the time you spend managing orders.  

View all orders in one interface and go back and view the history of orders quickly and easily.

Simple Interface

The system guides the user step-by-step on how to use it, and most onboarding is automatic.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Streamline your inventory process by allowing BrewOptix to manage your brands. BrewOptix inventory software for breweries keep track of your finished product as it moves from production to the distributor.

Inventory Management

Track the movement of all your inventory from production to sales.

Online Ordering

Take the stress out of order management and get back to creating. Distributors place their order via an online portal.


View all orders in one interface and go back and view the history of orders quickly and easily.

Brand Information

 Organize your brands and efficiently communicate the information to your distributors.


Distributors order merchandise by opening a catalog displaying pictures, prices, and sizes.

Confirmation Emails

Creating or editing an order prompts BrewOptix to email you and your team all the pertinent information.

BrewOptix Support

Quickly get all of your questions answered with written step by step instructions, videos.


Manage and project your current inventory by tracking, production, counts, sales, and adjustments.

Order Weights

The ordering system calculates pallet and weight information for orders to avoid overfilling trucks.

Scaled to Grow with You

We know what it is like to be a small company, all the different responsibilities you need to take on. BrewOptix will help take some of the burdens. So you can spend more time on important things like growing your business.

"BrewOptix is an innovative software that completes your supply chain from production to distribution. It has helped me tremendously with distributor communications, and inventory management had has proven invaluable to our operation.

– Danny @DuClawBrewing

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