Turn your biggest bottlenecks into your greatest source of opportunity

BrewOptix gives you a single place to communicate,collect orders, and manage your inventory.

Going straight to the customer is a brave choice. You know them by name, you’re part of the same community, and you’ve built meaningful relationships with them.

But as your hard work starts to pay off, you have a different problem: How do you handle so many customers? 

When you’re supplying hundreds of stores, texts, phone calls, and emails just don’t cut it any more. Your sales reps get stuck taking orders, instead of seeking out new opportunities. It’s hard to make sure the right products get to the right place at the right time. 

Without a distributor, there’s only one option: You need to get organized. You need to be able to communicate with a growing number of stores, and ensure the right products get to the right place at the right time. 

That’s exactly what BrewOptix is here to help you do. Get the sorts of insights and reach that a distributor would give you, without sacrificing your relationships or profits. Our simple portal makes it easy to communicate with and handle orders from dozens, even hundreds, of retailers at once.

A single source of truth

Communicate, collect orders, and manage your inventory all from one place. BrewOptix puts all the necessary infor

Plan with Confidence

BrewOptix helps you plan production with automatic projections based on each customers’ sales history, and sends alerts to retailers who may be late placing orders.

Seek out new opportunities

Simplify and offload the repetitive parts of the order process. Let your sales reps stop spending their days being order takers, and give them the freedom to go out and find more customers..

Transparent Pricing

No custom quotes. Our pricing is flat and transparent. $99 per month + $9 for each distributor that places an order that month. Pay only for the service you use.