Inventory Management 

BrewOptix helps you manage your inventory from production and purchases to the final sale. See all of your inventory and projections in real-time.

Get It Done With Our Brewery Software

BrewOptix helps you stay organized, project sales, and make easy calculations with our brewery software. Schedule a demo with us today. 


Create and organize your inventory count sheets to mirror your warehouse floor. BrewOptix counts allow you to reconcile your inventory efficiently.


As your accounts order online, BrewOptix calculates your future inventory projecting your inventory instantly.


Inventory is calculated automatically through counts, projections, sales, and adjustments.

Inventory Reconciliation

With customizable count sheets, you can count your production inventory on your schedule. BrewOptix allows you to count by brand and/or package size as little of as often as you like.

Simple Interface

Recording inventory information into BrewOptix is quick and straightforward. Whether it’s production or adjustments, BrewOptix’s simple interface allows you to complete your task in seconds. Entries are easily editable, helping you to worry less.

Managing Your Inventory Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

 BrewOptix gives you straightforward information about the movement of your brands from production to sales.

"BrewOptix is an innovative software that completes your supply chain from production to distribution. It has helped me tremendously with distributor communications, and inventory management had has proven invaluable to our operation."

– Danny @DuClawBrewing

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